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Types of Data Centers

There are two main types of Data Centers: Private and Co-location/Managed services.

Private Data Centers

Private Data Centers are owned and operated by an enterprise that offers goods and services into the marketplace. Data Centers in this category may be public companies, private companies or government agencies. Large companies and agencies providing technology products and technology services such as Google, Facebook, NASA ,Microsoft, and Salesforces would fall into this category.

Co-location/Managed Services

Co-location/Managed Services are companies that house and maintain data center equipment for third parties. They provide the clients with high bandwidth access connections to major carriers' networks. They can also provide data center outsourcing services from their facilities. In most cases, the co-location/managed services company will provide the data center infrastructure and facility to house their clients' own equipment. Their revenue model is based upon sub-dividing a raised floor space, cages off the space and renting it based upon the square footage and energy consumption. Maintenance and operational services are also part of the revenue model. These provider as like Equinix, Global Switch, 1-Net etc.

Big Bang Tech provides one-stop infrastructure solutions for our Data Center Customers. Our solutions range from Security, Power & Cooling to Network Infrastructure.


Our Data Center Solution


Security Solution

  • Security Solution

  • Access Control

  • Asset Tracking

  • 3D visualization

  • Cabinet - electronic Locking systems (online & Offline)

  • Video Surveillance Camera

  • Perimeter Detection

  • Security Consoles, racks and Cabinets

  • Video Monitors

  • Water leak detection systems

  • 2FA security system



Power & Cooling Solution

  • High airflow dispersion floor tiles

  • Rack-mount power Distribution Unit

  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)

  • Thermal Management: Passive rack, Hot and Cold Aisle containment solutions, in-row cooling solutions

  • Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (remote access and monitoring)

  • Energy Metering system

  • Accessories (Colour power cord)


Network Infrastructure solution

  • High performance copper and fiber cabling systems

  • Hi-Density Rack and Cabinets

  • Cable runway and raceway (Cable basket and fiber runner)

  • Wireless Ethernet

  • Switches and Routers

  • KVM Solutions

  • Cable Management

  • Transceiver

  • Test equipment and tools

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